The aAmplify team consists of professionals from the areas of music production, site management, digital photography, text writing, animation, programming, conducting and public relations.
Stephen W. Ferguson: (a.k.a. Sehn Fruon): site management, music production, studio management, sound engineering, interviews, web texts, web authoring, concept, logo design. StephenWFerguson is the founder of aAmplify.
Fritz Gotschim: digital photography, digital imaging, web authoring, web design.
Iby-Jolande Varga: animation, flash programming, html programming, web design, web testing, video camera, video editing,
photography & video stills.
Georg Kö: mysql database programming, php and java scripting,
server administration, graphics.
Stefan Majewski: mysql database programming, php scripting,
server administration.
Ursula Scheidle: radio narrator, editor of German texts, advisor on radio production for aAmplify internet radio.
Mike Busboom: consultant on adaptive technology issues, text editor, test person on accessibility.