FAQ Frequently Asked Questions  
How can you send music over the web?
By a technique known as streaming, where continuous data packets are sent to the listener and discarded.

What about copyright problems on the web?
aAmplify is working closely together with the copyright societies AustroMechana and AKM to ensure that composers' copyrights are respected and observed on this site.

Are aAmplify's composers only Austrian?
No, they come from all over the world, as well as being Austrian, but have found a place to work in Austria.

Why is the website only in English?
A certain style of short, imaginative texts has emerged on the web which poorly translates into German.

How does a particular composer get picked?
We use the yardstick of quality, but basically all composers here are eligible.

Why is the music on the site so experimental?
We feel that pop and dance styles, as well as popular classics, are already all too well represented.

Do you think all the music on your site is great music?
We think each composer has his or her version of truth, and that their music should be heard.

What sort of audience is there for art music?
It generally appeals to the open-minded and the adventurous, and those who can go beyond the conventional.

Have you thought of doing an aAmplify project in other cities or only in Vienna?
It is a very large undertaking to do a site of this kind and none are planned right now.

Why is art music so unpopular?
We think it is because it is badly produced and badly marketed, two things we are trying to rectify here.

Is your studio only used for the aAmplify project?
No we produce our own projects, since the aAmplify team are also artists.

Are artist suffering under the present government in Austria?
There have been cuts in art budgets but no harassments that we know of.

Do you think music needs all these graphics?
The web is a visual medium, just as the CD cover is, and we wish to give visitors a visual experience. But the most important thing is the music itself.