The word "aAmplify"

The word "aAmplify" is a unique word, on or off the internet. Its first two letters
represents the notion of amplifying music, the small "a" being amplified into the large
"A". At the same time it fits into the orthographics of many a trademark in the current
computer age, which precede a capitalised word by a small letter.

It is an extended acronym, which means that six of its letters appear in the
website's full title "austrian Art Music Productions onLIne" the last two letters forming the imperitive of the verb "to amplify."

The word aAmplify embodies the purpose of this web project. It is to take the sensitive, collectively 'quiet' music of Austrian contemporary non-commerical music and stream it over the web to an international community of the open-minded and musically curious. In otherwords, heightening its ability to be heard.