At aAmplify we are concerned about the issues surrounding accessibility of
disabled people to the internet. We have actively been involved in projects to make the internet accessable to the blind. (Members of the aAmplify team produced the German language version of Listening to the Internet, a software product that will enable blind people to use the web).

Not only blind people, but people with other disabilities should be able to access
the web. If the web is only there to enhance the life of the "normal" then it has failed in its purpose as a disseminator of information.This website has been tested for its accessability for blind people. The deaf normally enjoy full access to the web, due the hypertext/graphics weighting of the medium. Obviously they cannot profit much from the content of this site. We are, though, contributing to a charity for musicans who are suffering hearing loss, and for the deaf, as detailed in the shop page.

The accessibility expert on the aAmplify team is Mike Busboom.