Eveline van Bauwel, of the
Ballet Company,
Vienna, photo by Allessandri.


Dance is one of the art forms that has gone hand in hand with new music, since the very inception of Modernism. Something about dance's fluidity and ability to be either rhythmic or abstract mirrors composition itself. There are many celebrated examples of cooperation between composers and choreographers, such as John Cage and Merce Cunningham. Although the ability of the web to host depictions of dance is very limited, aAmplify regards this meeting point of movement and music to be too important to remain unrepresented. For this reason we have invited a guest soloist active in the Austrian modern dance scene to contribute a short choreography based on an aAmplify music production
This video of Eveline van Bauwel is taken from the production Underworlds and has been lent by kind permission of the Volksoper Vienna.